Why A Legal Licensed Locksmith?

For Safety, Security, And Peace of Mind

GLS Locksmith

Methods  -  Always hire a "Legal Licensed LOCKSMITH"  to open your vehicle safely. 

1.  I have seen many attempts and successes to open vehicles by the customer, and most are with damage to the car using items like pry bars, screwdrivers, clothing hangers, and other materials.

2.  Slim Jim's at one time opened a large portion of vehicles, and this has decreased over time, very seldom now. Not advised for use in today's vehicles as they do and could cause damage to airbags and wiring.   

3.  Under the window, tools are still used by many locksmiths, but this too is becoming obsolete.    

4.  Air wedges and long reach tools are necessary for some vehicles. 

5.  The present method, for most vehicles today, is what is known as the Lishi method.   A person must undergo training in using the tools.  This method, The Lishi Method, is the method GLS Locksmith uses on the majority of vehicles GLS Locksmith opens.  

6.  Many vehicles today have the option of a cell phone application at a price, either a new purchase where it is part of a limited warranty and at its end payment to maintain is required.  I know I have such a vehicle.   GM introduced the On Star Sattlelite Opening method some years ago and many present-day vehicles us this method, but is it a monthly paid resource.  

7.  However you slice this PIE the bottom line is it will, one way or the other, cost you to get your vehicle opened.