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  • ​​We offer free consultation for locally owned businesses.  
  • Third Party Service Providers must pay in advance by credit card and an initial none refundable service fee to evaluate any request to perform work on behalf of the client/s you represent and in advance for parts too.     None refundable service fees are based upon estimated time and actual distance. 

Accountability Through Key Control Is Smart Business


The MX1 Key Way Is A Proprietary Key Way.   With MX1 You Can Have Accountability and Key Control.   Join The Accountability Team Using The MX1 System
Battery   Operated   Push   Button   Stand   Alone   Access   Control   Locks  &  More.          You   Control   Who   and   When   Access   Is   Permitted
  • Locks Master Keyed
  • Locks Keyed Alike
  • Locks Keyed Different
  • Electronic Access Control
  • Mechanical Access Control
  • Door Closers Installed
  • Exit Devices Installed
  • Dead Bolts Installed
  • Knob Locks Installed
  • Lever Locks Installed
  • GLS Locksmith provides free estimates for locally owned business.   
  • Service providers representing business must pay a none refundable service fee plus time and milage to evaluate a job in advance. .  
Why A Legal Licensed Locksmith?
Your Security, Your Safety, Your Piece of Mind