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256 345 8402

Al. St. Lic. No. 1056

The number to call is 256 345 8402. 
Before you call consider the following as a general guideline so that we can better serve you.
1. Be specific, but first do you have legal authority to hire service for what you are asking - do you own it or have the legal authority to authorize service on what you are wanting? 
​2.  Is your need Automotive or Business or Residential

Automotive Need​
1.  Is this your vehicle
​2.  Do you have legal proof of ownership
​3.  Year of vehicle
4.  Make  - Example - Ford 
​5.  Modle - Example - F150 or Mustang

Residential Re-keying or installing new locks 
​1.  Age of home
2.  Number of doors
​3.  Do you have a key for each lock in your home
​4.  Do you have single cylinder or double cylinder dead bolts on any of your doors - A single cylinder is locked from the inside by a thumb turn and a double cylinder can only be locked on the inside by a key.
​5.  Is there identifying information on the existing keys you have for the locks on your doors,  such as KW1, or SC1 
​6.  Location / Address
​7. Do you have legal authority to hire services for what you are desiring, wanting, needing?   
Business Application
1.  Kind of door:  Is in all metal, wood, glass with metal frame
2.  Do you have keys for each lock
3.  Location / Address
4.  Discribe the locks:  Is it a Lever, Knob, Dead Bold,  Exit Devicee, etc. 
5.  I. D. the key also by noticing information stamped on the key  
​6. Do you have the authority to authorize work associated with your need, desire, request?
Why A Legal Licensed Locksmith?
Your Security, Your Safety, Your Piece of Mind​